6th September 2017

Dear Friends

A salutary tale.

On Friday 25 August at 1.15pm I was scammed by somebody on the telephone claiming to be from BT. As soon as they said they wanted to shut my internet down for 20 days, because it was infected by a virus which was causing harm to BT internet systems, I was hooked. You see the office and parish internet operates through my private internet at the Vicarage. Thankfully the parish information remains secure, but I gave them access to my bank and computer. Apart from feeling such an incompetent idiot for allowing them to gain such access, I felt deeply troubled; I had been burgled and what was worse I was talking to my burglar as the event happened. The whole affair has been very distressing. Believe me they were very convincing and in my panic, I made myself vulnerable. So if anybody calls you saying they are from BT and you have a problem with your internet, put the phone down and call the fraud prevention hotline. Thankfully, I didn’t lose any money, my bank was vigilant on my behalf and prevented the 3 payments totalling over £8k being made. So over the last few days I have had an opportunity to reflect on the idea of vulnerability, trust and truth. That’s for another e-bulletin, the experience is still a bit too raw at the moment.

Don’t forget, this Sunday, I will be talking to the composer John Rutter, I think it’s going to be a really interesting and stimulating evening. I do hope you can join me. Sunday 10 September at 6pm. Do tell your friends and if you are inclined to use social media, please get the message out.

On a much sadder note, one of our members, Colin Sheppard, died on Sunday evening. His funeral, mass will be held in Church on Wednesday 13 September at 1.30pm. Colin used to attend every Sunday at 8am. For many years, until quite recently, he arranged the rota of people who served at the 8am mass, he served himself and also read. Over the last twelve months Colin has been attending at 10.30am Sunday parish Mass. Your are most welcome to attend his funeral service.


Dear Friends

As I walked through the parish to church this morning I observed lots of young people off to school. For most it would have been their first day of term in a new class, and for some at a new school.  They were accompanied by parents and carers, some anxiously checking that those in their care had the correct items with them, others taking photos of their children, or greeting friends not seen for some weeks. The children looked excited and happy, waving and chatting to friends. At the start of this new academic year let’s remember in our prayers all students, their families and all those who teach and care for our young people, that they may enjoy learning together, and may remain healthy in body, mind and spirit.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen
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