Debt Advice at St. Nicholas

Debt can wreck lives. Working in partnership with Crosslight – a Christian Debt Advice Charity, a small team based at St Nicholas works with clients in West London to ease their debt worries. We are passionate about seeing lives restored, and people released from the worry that comes from being in debt.

We also work collaboratively with the Hounslow Community Solutions Team to provide advice and support during drop-in sessions: at St Nicholas (9.30-11.30, last Wednesday of each month), at the Ivybridge Centre, Isleworth (9.30-11.30, 1st Thursday of each month), and at St Paul’s Church Brentford (1.30-3.30, 1st Thursday of each month).

If you are interested in joining our team please contact Fr Simon.

Our work involves providing comprehensive debt & benefit advice, building financial resilience through money education and budgeting coaching, and mentoring clients with holistic support. The team works closely with clients and creditors in order to agree a fair and equitable solution for all parties.

Our service is available to all, regardless of faith affiliation (or none), and provided free of charge. We are able to work with each client for as long as needed to try and ensure a positive outcome.

If you are in need of help, or wish to register for a Crosslight Budgeting Course (also free of charge) you can contact us by phoning: 0300 373 1180, or through our website:

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