Flowers enhance the beauty of our church and greatly contribute to the atmosphere in the building. It is the tradition at St Nicholas to have fresh flowers in church all year round – except for the weeks of preparation during Advent and Lent. To make this possible we have a Flower Fund to which all who wish to help maintain our tradition are invited to contribute.

Anyone may contribute to the Flower Fund and we invite individual donations to celebrate anniversaries of birthdays, weddings and special events, as well as of the deaths of loved ones. These anniversaries are marked weekly on a notice at the back of the church.

Perhaps there is a particular anniversary you would like to mark with flowers at St Nicholas. If so, please fill out the Flowers Donation Form, detailing the anniversary(ies) you would like to mark, and send it with your cheque, made out to the ‘PCC of St Nicholas Church’, to the Parish Administrator, The Parish Office, The Vicarage, Church Street, W4 2PJ. There ‘s also a Standing Order form for your use, so that the arrangement you make can continue automatically from year to year.

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