St Nicholas receives no external funding to finance our ministry, outreach, or the upkeep of this historic church. Currently our expenditure exceeds our income. Planned Giving is vital to supporting our mission, as it allows us to budget and, through Gift Aid, increases the value of your generous donations.

Please consider making or increasing your regular contributions to St Nicholas by completing the Planned Giving form here and returning it to the Parish Office at the address below:

The Parish Administrator
c/o The Parish Office
The Vicarage
Chiswick Mall
London W4 2PJ

or put it in the collection box at the back of the Church.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please also complete the Gift Aid Declaration on the form, which allows us to reclaim from HMRC a further 25p for every £1 of your donation. Please advise the Parish Office if you want to cancel the Gift Aid declaration at any time, change your name and/or home address, or no longer pay sufficient Income or Capital Gains Tax to cover the tax that will be reclaimed.

However you decide to support the work of St Nicholas, we thank you for your generosity.

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