Dear Friends

As I mentioned in my sermon on Sunday it hardly seems possible that I have completed 12 years as your Vicar, time really does fly by.

On Sunday in my sermon I suggested that there have been two themes which have underpinned my ministry here at Chiswick and in reality has underpinned my whole ministry.

The first is the need for authenticity. Authenticity in ministry, personal life and as a Christian community. The world is crying out for authenticity, in political leadership, personal relationships and its communication. Clergy need to be authentic, there can be no room for power, for we represent someone who surrendered everything, that God’s love might be known

The second is the need to create a safe space. The Church community needs to be a place conducive to our flourishing and growth. It is in this safe place where we can be authentic and by being authentic we can flourish. Our world is full of dangerous places, this can never be in the Church. Why? Please see above.

In your service


Dear Friends

September sees the start of a new academic year and most schools have begun their Autumn term this week. We pray for all families in our parish with children of school age, especially those starting at new schools. The past week will often have been taken up with haircuts and purchase of new shoes and items of uniform. It can be an expensive month! We pray also for staff at the three schools in our parish as they welcome pupils for a new year and hope that it will be a blessed and fruitful time for them all.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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