Dear Friends

First a huge Thank You to Heather and her team for arranging such a magnificent concert last Thursday evening. Those who attended witnessed a performance from two amazingly talented young people who have stellar careers ahead of them. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when listing to concerts at St Nicks, the standard is so high, we are very lucky.

Just a few dates for you all which might be useful:

This Saturday 31 August between 10 am and 12 noon we will be in church and the churchyard doing some general cleaning and ground maintenance. Please come along even if you can only spare a few minutes, the more people, the more we can achieve.

There is Coffee, tea, cake and a chat in church this Sunday from 2pm-5pm on Sunday afternoon. Do drop in if you are having an afternoon walk on Sunday.

As many of you know Diana and Stefano are to be married on Saturday 7 September at 11am. Diana and Stefano are such an important part of our family at St Nicholas please do come along and support them as they pledge their lives together, with God’s blessing.

Also on Saturday 7th September at 2.30pm, and by popular demand our very own Malcolm Smith with be returning to St Nicholas and Chiswick to conduct one if his now famous graveyard tours. Come and join the group and find out more about the famous residents of our graveyard. Information available from Francis and Christabel.

I think that’s enough for now, enjoy the sunshine!


Dear Friends

 A number of you have told me how much you enjoy reading poetry related to theology. I hope therefore that you will be delighted to learn that the 2019 Michael Ramsey prize for theological writing has just been awarded to Canon Mark Oakley, former Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, for his book ‘The Splash of Words’: Believing in Poetry’. I bought this book some time ago and have much enjoyed reading his reflections on poetry from 14th century to the present day.  As it says on the dust cover, ‘Mark Oakley explores the power of poetry to stir our settled ways of viewing the world and faith, shift our perceptions and even to transform who we are.’ Feel free to ask to see my copy of this book, or alternatively do buy a copy!

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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