Dear Friends

I’m not sure who said that unlocking would be significantly more problematic than locking down – whoever they were, they were correct. Like you I am grateful and heartened that we have embarked on a gradual unlocking, please keep schools, teachers, governors, parents and children in your prayers as they prepare to return to school on Monday. 

How we unlock as a church, what we unlock first and what our unlocked future might look like are live and important questions. It seems to me that like life, we face threats and opportunities. How much do we retain, do we try to return to business as usual, do we begin again are all questions we need to face and in the next few weeks answer. Our PCC meets next week to discuss these matters, we would be grateful for your thoughts and prayers. There is no doubt that we will be a smaller congregation, a few parishioners have taken this present situation as an opportunity to rethink, to sell up and leave London, others feel unable to join us physically at present. There may be many who have just got out of the habit of attending church. It’s not quite like starting from scratch again, but sometimes it feels like it. Please keep St Nicholas in your prayers, if you could spare us some of your time, energy and imagination, we would be very grateful. I will write later with areas where we need support – one area which comes to mind immediately is working with our new cameras. If you have worked on stage lighting, sound or vision and are comfortable around computers, we (I) would really like to hear from you.

With my prayers


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