3rd October 2017

Dear All

I have just returned from a wonderful two weeks holiday touring the West coast of Ireland. We took three cottages for four nights each, first in Galway, then Sligo and finally in County Donegal. A particularly memorable day was driving to Malin Head, mentioned every day in the shipping forecast, it was a truly inspiring place, it was made more memorable because of  the brooding weather and the waves crashing against the rocks below. Looking out to the vast expanse of water before me, I thought of the many thousands of people who emigrated to America, sailing from Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin, this outcrop of rock was their last sight of home, or indeed Europe, for many never to see this sight ever again.  It made me think of my own journey through life and was an opportunity to reflect on the bravery of those who left home and family to search for a new life thousands of miles away. We all journey through life, some further than others, what is absolutely certain is that we rarely stand still, to journey is to live.

Don’t forget this next Sunday 8 October at 10.30am is our Harvest Festival, our preacher is David Brown, who is a representative of the Christian Aid agency Tearfund. He will be sharing stories of Tearfund’s work and ethos. There will be a retiring collection in aid of this work and witness. If you would like to bring some food, all food will be given to our Foodbank project.

Don’t forget if you would like to be confirmed or to be admitted to communion please see one of the clergy. We met for discussion after every 10.30am mass.

With my prayers,


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