11th October 2017

Dear Friends

I write this nursing a rotten cold, I can’t remember the last time I has such a cold so early. Still, looking on the bright side, at least I’ve got it out of the way and can therefore get on with the rest of Autumn and Winter.

Next week I’m due to travel up to Alnmouth, Northumberland for my annual retreat, staying with the Franciscan brothers who have a house in the village. One of the joys of retreating to a religious house is the daily round of prayer. This pattern of prayer, morning, noon, evening and night, plus the daily celebration of the mass is a constant in the life of the house, you can’t change it, you can’t alter it, you can only join it. Immersed in this daily round, which happens with, or without you, you are free to think and to grow. For those of us for whom worship is a responsibility, this freedom, just to turn up, is immensely liberating. Surrounded by this simple offering to the Father, you are free to do so many things.


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