fr_simonDear Friends

Let’s hope May brings us some warmer weather, I’m a bit tired of the arctic conditions we endured in April. One of the joys of praying in church, especially when there are only one or two of us is the sound of bird song. I was at morning prayer this morning with Martin and conscious that whenever there was a pause for silence, the church was filled with beautiful bird song, I love being surrounded so audibly by God’s creation. Prayer is the heart and life of our relationship with God. To pray is to be very close to God. Short prayers, long prayers, silence, it doesn’t matter, what is important is that we pray, we communicate with God. Don’t worry about appropriate words, it’s the time you give which is important, even in the hustle and bustle of City life we can create stillness.

Here are a few things we can pray for this week:

For Fr Andrew as he begins his new ministry at St Mary’s Sunbury. For his family and for his parishioners.

For Rev Eileen as she prepares to begin ministering here at St Nicholas as our Associate Vicar. For her family and for ourselves.

Let us give thanks to God for the success of our Development Campaign and for all who work so hard.

Let us pray for our PCC that God will grant courage and vision as we prepare to create our new Mission Action Plan.

Let us pray for those who’s lives are devastated by warfare and violence and for world leaders who have the capacity to make change.

Let us rejoice that we are loved.


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