fr_simonDear Friends

I know the sun and warm weather brings out the best in us, it does in me. So I suppose I was in a particularly receptive mood as I travelled into town yesterday afternoon. On my way to the tube I passed a couple of boys walking home from school, they were involved in quite a deep conversation about the nature and harm of racism. It was so life affirming to hear two young people having such a meaningful conversation. I then took the tube to Russell Square, sitting in a packed carriage and listening to multiple different languages. For some this produces a strong negative reaction, but again, I thought how wonderful. We live in a great City and the fact that we can accommodate so many different cultures in relative peace and security is such a good thing. It is such a good thing that the people of London can elect a Muslim Mayor, in the face of everything we see and hear in world’s press. At the heart of the electorate is a tolerant and compassionate people. Why does this matter for Christians? Because we are ALL made in the image of God and God loves his creation.

This week leading up to the feast of Pentecost our Archbishops have encouraged us all to pray. They have provided us with lots of resources. Please take some time to look at our wonderful parish website – Andy has designed an amazing set of pages to help us with our prayer life. Do have a look.



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