fr_simonDear All

As many of you know, I attempt in my ministry to be as politically impartial as possible. It is not for me to tell you how to vote, or which party to support. I’m sure most of you know my political beliefs and inspiration and that frankly is enough. However, I do feel it is my duty to encourage all of you to participate as fully as possible in the democratic process. I’m not entirely sure that with our particular democratic arrangement referendums are a good thing. However we are where are and this is a decision which will have such a profound impact on all our futures that I think it imperative we participate, so, please use your vote. I will say no more.

One of the functions of the PCC, arguably its most important function, is to hold the vision for the future of our parish, to be if you like, a strategic Think-Tank. It seems clear to me that now we have embarked on our Development Campaign and we wait to welcome our new Associate Vicar we need to look afresh at the future direction of our church. So our PCC is in the process of setting out our future direction. We will do this by creating a Mission Action Plan. It needs be be challenging, but realistic, it needs to be affordable and within the scope of our current human resources. It must give glory to God, through Jesus His Son and it must build up his Church. It must speak afresh to successive generations the Good News of God and his loving purpose. I hope under God’s guidance we can complete this task in the next few months. Your prayers would be appreciated.

Finally, can I invite you to Rev’d Eileen’s licensing on Sunday evening at 6pm. It would be good to see as many of you as possible to support Eileen as she begins her ministry among us.

With my prayers.


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