30th January 2018

Dear Friends

During morning prayer we have two opportunities for some silent meditation after each of our bible readings, one from the Old Testament, one from New Testament. This morning I suddenly found myself reflecting on the resurrection. The New Testament reading was a bit of the passion narrative, so perhaps I should have been thinking about the cross, but no, it was to the resurrection that my mind wandered. There are so may debates about what actually happened, our Gospels tell differing stories, people have so many different ideas. So what can we say? Well, something quite amazing happened, what, I have no idea, but significant enough to quite literally change the world. Belief in the resurrection spread to every corner of the globe and its impact transformed lives and relationships everywhere. Two thousand years on the Church is still a living witness to this miraculous event. Every time somebody is prayed for, every time somebody is helped or supported, every life transformed, when hope, love and support are offered, these, however small, are in themselves signs of the transforming and renewing power of God.  Every minute of the day every day of the year, empowered by belief in this amazing event, somebody makes it real.

Alleluia, Christ is Risen, he is risen indeed, alleluia!


As many of you know, we rely entirely on the generosity of parishioners for the financial stability of St Nicholas. This year we would like to conduct a Stewardship campaign. Its aim, to highlight our work, our funding, and the shortfall which we are now experiencing. We need somebody to volunteer to lead a group of people who will share this message with others. If you are interested in any aspect of this ministry could you please contact me.

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