7th February 2018

Dear Friends

It was good to see so many of you on Sunday evening for our conversation with Lord Ramsbotham.

Over the past few years they have become an important part of parish life, something I’m very keen to continue. I really would be very grateful for any suggestions for future guests. On average it takes five letters of invitation to receive one letter of acceptance and as the cupboard is now bare, I really do need lots of suggestions. HELP!

Wednesday 14th February sees the beginning of Lent. There will be two services on Ash Wednesday at 9.30 am in the morning and at 8 pm. There is also lots of material to help you use Lent wisely, material for bible study, material for prayer and material for the children. St Mary’s Convent and Nursing Home have asked me to deliver a series of Lent talks at 3 pm on 15th Feb, 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd March.

With my prayers


Dear Friends

We have just returned from a marvellous trip to South America, having visited some of the places our daughter explored during her gap year.  Before we went I knew little more about these countries than what I had gleaned in school geography lessons many years ago. I have returned with my mind buzzing with so much new information, ideas and images – it will take me a while to digest all of this! We enjoyed many stunning sites of natural beauty: Colca Canyon in Peru, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Iguassu Falls on the border between Argentina and Brazil, just to name a few. I was reminded of these words of St Augustine:
‘Some people, in order to discover God, read books. But there is a great book: the very appearance of created things. Look above you! Look below you! Note it. Read it. God, whom you want to discover, never wrote that book with ink. Instead, He set before your eyes the things that He had made. Can you ask for a louder voice than that?’

We might not all be fortunate enough to travel to exotic locations, but I was reminded of these words again this morning as I walked through Chiswick House grounds and saw the grass covered in snowdrops, and the first daffodil leaves poking up through the earth. What a glorious sight, and a hint that spring must surely be on the way!

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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