Dear Friends

On Tuesday of this week we remember St Mark the Evangelist. The Gospel which bears his name is generally regarded as the earliest and was most likely written whilst he was in Rome. It has a sharpness and immediacy about it , and he does not spare the disciples in noting their weaknesses and lack of understanding that Jesus the Christ would suffer for the world’s redemption. Sharing in the glory of the resurrection means sharing in the giving of self, both in body and spirit, even to death; sharing the gospel was for all, in essence both excessively generous and ultimately sacrificial.

I look forward to seeing as many members of the congregation as can make it to church on Sunday, not only for our worship but also to congratulate Martin and Diane Daly on their golden wedding anniversary, and to stay for our Annual Parochial Church Meeting. It will be good to reflect on all our parish activities over the past year, to thank all those who have made them possible, and to elect some new members of the PCC.

With every blessing

Mthr Eileen

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