Dear Friends

Alleluia! Christ is Risen.

What a glorious Easter Morning we had. It was wonderful to see the church so packed and so full of joy. A huge thank you to everybody involved in the celebration of Holy Week and Easter Day.

I have now received the itemised estimate for the first phase of the Namacunde building project. The idea is to build the foundations and the walls first. I’m off to meet with a parishoner who speaks Portugese later today to have the document translated.

We now turn our thoughts to our Annual Parochial Church meeting, where we will elect our PCC members and our Annual Meeting of Parishioners where we elect our churchwardens. We will also receive a parish report and financial statement. Hayley our Parish Administrator will be emailing you copies of these very soon. We will not be printing many hard copies for the meeting itself, so please bring your own copy.

The organ project is moving forward; in the meantime we need to concentrate on connecting the kitchen and toilets and building new cupboards in the old sacristy so we can restore the side chapel to full use.


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