Introduced in 2013 by our former Curate, Fr Andrew Downes, Conversational Evensong has proved to be a very popular monthly service with both regular parishioners and visitors alike. Guests who are influential in Church and Public life, such as Archbishop Rowan  Williams, Jonathan Aitken,  Jeremy Vine, Baroness Cox, Sir Anthony Seldon  and Frank Field MP, are invited to St Nicholas and asked to choose a piece of music, a reading and a favourite object and explain why they have chosen them. They also share with us something of their faith journey and where God is to be found in their lives and offer us a short reflection.

After the service has finished, we socialise over drinks and light refreshments before concluding with further questions to our Guest from the congregation. Although “lighter” in tone than a conventional evensong service, Conversational Evensong provides an opportunity over ninety minutes or so to really get to know our guests and what makes them tick and we have been privileged to have had some profound and moving services.

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