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Talk, Thursday 14 September, 7pm


Juliet Ames-Lewis
 Chief Executive of The Richmond Charities will give a talk on

Almshouses in Richmond:
history, heritage and community on Thursday 14 September at 7.00pm
at St Nicholas Church, Church Street, W42PJ

Entrance £12.00, concessions £10, 
free for Friends of St Nicholas Church.
Doors open at 6.30pm when refreshments will be available.


Hickey’s Almshouses, Richmond

Juliet Ames-Lewis, Chief Executive of The Richmond Charities,
will give a talk about her role running both Richmond’s and one of the UK’s
largest almshouse charities, setting it in the historical context of Richmond’s many almshouse endowments since 1600 and in the context of the wider almshouse movement nationally. She will touch on recent empirical evidence to show that almshouse residents enjoy a ‘longevity boost’ due to the staff support and the strong, active and harmonious communities in which they live. Juliet will talk about the role of almshouse charities in the modern era and the huge number of new almshouses which are currently being built nationwide, in order to house our ageing population
in sensitively designed and appropriate, supportive housing.