Dear Friends

Now that we know something of the Government’s thinking post 19th July. I believe that I can announce with some certainty that the singing of hymns will resume on Sunday 25th July. I am sure this will be a joy for all of us. As to other mitigating measures, I leave this to your discretion. I do not want anybody to feel uncomfortable or pressured. As the wearing of face masks is about the protection of others, I will continue to wear a mask in church, especially when I am distributing communion and I think we will remain in our pews to receive communion at least until September, which will remain in one kind. I might not wear a mask to sing, but I will ensure that I remain at what I consider a safe distance from you all.  We will retain hand sanitizers at the entrance of church and will retain some social distancing measures at least until September. I will update you with further information when the PCC and I have had a chance to discuss the situation.

Don’t forget our pet thanksgiving service on Sunday at 3 pm. If you would like to send me any information about your pet and a photograph, it’s not too late just email me at

The invitation cards for our Back to Church Sunday on 5th September have arrived and are at the back of church, I will be asking you all to take a few cards away with you. The idea is to invite to church that day friends and family in fact anybody you can think of who might enjoy being with us.  If you would like to choose a favourite hymn for our 6 pm evening Songs of Praise please email me with a suggestion and why your hymn is important to you. I will pick the 5/6 most popular hymns.

Take care and I think it is still important to say – Stay Safe

God Bless


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