7th October 2021

Dear Friends

I had to drive to Shropshire on Sunday evening in readiness to welcome a heating engineer on Monday morning at 9.00 am who was due to service our CH boiler. There is no gas in the village so we are stuck with oil. It was interesting to discuss with him possible greener alternatives. Electricity based solutions are still, I’m afraid quite expensive, so we’re stuck with oil for the moment. It is a dilemma when you want to make a positive contribution. Still, we do have solar panels on the roof. 

As I was driving along close to our house on Sunday I was really conscious of the harvest. The fields have all been cut, the ploughs are out in force and some fields have already been sown with next years crops. These are not scenes we associate with West London. However, we do still celebrate harvest, which we will do this Sunday at 10.30am. I have invited John Tasker from ALMA to talk to us about the Nutrition project and Namacunde. Recently harvests in Southern Angola have been very poor, because the rains have been poor. Many argue this is the result of our changing climate. 

Environment and harvest might sometimes seem remote, they are not, we are all interconnected.

I do hope you will join us on Sunday, we will be having a special second collection to support the nutrition project in our link parish of Namacunde.

God Bless


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