Dear Friends

Those of you who joined me on Facebook for compline on Sunday will know that I published the service live from my house in Shropshire.
I hope the sound of traffic was not too distracting, its normally so peaceful, but as soon as I started the service it sounded (at least to me)
like the Manx TT race had just passed by.

We live in such uncertain times, Ian and I have already changed
our September holiday plans from Switzerland to Galloway
and Dumfries, that’s assuming Scotland let us in!

I’m at the house in Shropshire because frankly I’m now not sure when I will return. I wanted to get the garden looking respectable, tidy up a bit and even set the central heating, just in case I don’t return until autumn.

It’s important to plan where and when you can, but it’s also important to acknowledge that we cannot control everything. Last Sundays Gospel from Matthew told the story of the feeding of the five thousand. It’s a story of God’s generosity, it’s a reminder that God will provide for the journey. The crowds followed Jesus, some out of interest, some to be healed, some to be reassured. What ever their motives they journeyed to meet Jesus without food or water, they journeyed in faith. In the end Jesus met their need with more than enough food, remember 12 baskets full were collected. In the Exodus the community of Israel fled the persecution of Egypt into the desert and when they needed him God did not disappoint, there was an abundance of food, of manna, quail and water from the rock.

Our individual journeys might not be as dramatic, the point is that God accompanies us. Who knows where this virus will take us, what we do know is that, when we ask, God is generous and will feed his people.


Face coverings

In England, face coverings are currently required by law to be worn in the following settings:
shops, supermarkets, indoor transport hubs, indoor shopping centres, banks, building societies, post offices and on public transport. From 8 August, face coverings will be required by law to be worn in a greater number of public indoor settings including: museums, galleries, cinemas,
places of worship, and public libraries. Please be mindful that there are valid exemptions for some individuals and groups to not wear a face covering in these settings.

People are also strongly encouraged to wear a face covering in any other enclosed public space where there are people they do not normally meet.

Relevant guidance on face coverings is available on GOV.UK.

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