4th February 2021

Dear Friends

At last there seems to be some good news, in what has been a relentless few months of bad news. Not only have over 9 million people been vaccinated but it looks like the vaccine reduces the possibility of transmission – alleluia. It’s far too soon to remove our present restrictions, but it really does look like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank God for all those who are administering the vaccine, testing people, nursing the hospitalised and putting their lives on the line. I hope that there will be some national recognition for those who over the last twelve months have faced danger every day supporting the sick and dying, driving public transport, delivering food and essentials, really just helping to keep society ticking along. They are all real heroes, it takes courage to face danger every day, despite the mental and physical exhaustion which all of them must experience.  

It was a sad day yesterday when the news was announced of the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore. What an amazing gentleman, I have to say I shed a tear when I heard the news and went to church to light a candle. When we think ‘what can I do’, ‘what can I contribute’, perhaps it would be useful to look back and remember this gentleman who at the age of 99 years raised so much money and raised our national spirit. It really is never too late to have a go. May he rest in peace and rise in glory!

We continue on line during the lockdown and are planning our Lent course which will be offered on Zoom Tuesday 23 February – please watch this space for further news.

Take care. Stay safe

God Bless


Dear Friends

As the lockdown continues, and some of us become more used to taking part in the many events being offered online, there is one I’d like to bring to your attention. In Lent 2019 Father Fabrizio Pesce of St Peter’s Acton Green ran a Mindfulness Course for us at St Nicks, which was very well received.   He is now planning to run a 21 day Meditation Challenge online which involves 15 minutes each day, starting later this month. If you are interested you can find further information here

As families continue to struggle with home schooling for their children there are still some who have no access to online facilities due to lack of appropriate hardware. Members of our local community have been running a collection point for unwanted laptops and tablets which can then be wiped of all data and given to children who still need them. The collection has gone very well so far, but more items are still needed. Please click here for further details. If anyone has a suitable item but is unable to deliver it to the collection point then please let me know and I can arrange collection from your location.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen 

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