30th October 2019

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Dear Friends

So it is to be a General Election on Thursday 12 December. Let us hope that whoever wins, wins a working majority, we really do need a government who can get things done. My fervent prayer is for the healing of division in this nation, so I am looking forward to imaginative and compassionate election manifestos from all the political parties – I can but hope.

Last week a group of us shared stories of our relationship with St Simon and Jude, our link parish in Angola, at a meeting of ALMA. It was good to be able to tell people of our journey so far, of the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows. The drought situation continues and I am grateful for all the support this parish has offered to the Nutrition project. I hope to be able to bring you news of its work in a later E-Bulletin.

Appeal – Does anybody have a working piano stool that they could donate to church? Our present piano stool which was donated some years ago, is becoming quite creaky and worn out, the noise of it rather detracts during a performance, we would like a quieter model! If you can help please let me know.

On Sunday we celebrate the feast of All Saints at 10.30am and we pray for and remember the Souls of our loved ones departed this life at 6pm Sunday evening. If you would like a departed loved one prayed for at this service please write their name on the sheet at the back of church.


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