Dear All

As we get closer to our Flower and Music Festival, I just want to encourage you to get the message out there. If you can post any flyers through doors that would be appreciated, they are at the back of church, just let us know which streets you are covering. As I mentioned last week, please please, pray for the success of this Festival and give thanks for all those who are working so hard to make this event a success. I will be in church on Monday 14 May, 15 May, 17 May at 7pm to pray for this event, please join me.


Dear Friends

On Wednesday of this week clergy in our deanery were invited to a breakfast meeting with our new Bishop Sarah of London.

After saying Morning Prayer together, Bishop Sarah addressed us and then answered questions, speaking powerfully and fluently, and covering a number of very topical issues. In brief, she is aware that her appointment took most people by surprise and she feels she has been chosen by God for her pastoral skills. Bishop Sarah encouraged us to reflect on how we model the Christian life within our local communities in relevant ways, where there is generally little understanding of Christianity. She also asked us to encourage all members of our congregations to consider what they are called to do, and to reflect on how they might deepen their own spiritual lives. As well as enjoying a delicious breakfast, we have been given much food for thought!

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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