Dear Friends

We are fast approaching the most important week in the life of the Church, Holy Week. I have attached a short explanation here which might help explain why and what we do during this most holy week. It is something I wrote some years ago now, but still I think valid for what we do and why we do it.

Don’t forget to collect your hymn book and service sheet from church on Palm Sunday and make your way over to the Parish Hall. On Maundy Thursday there will be a community meal, I will put a notice up at the back of church on Sunday, if anybody would like to volunteer a vegetarian option and some simple green salads that would be most welcome.

The most important service of the Church’s year is the vigil service on Holy Saturday evening. I know it is a bit late, it starts at 10.30pm. but it is the most wonderful occasion to welcome the Risen Christ. Please do try and put in an appearance, there might even be some fizz at the end of the service to celebrate the Church’s renewal!


Dear Friends

So much has already been written about the appalling events of last Wednesday in Westminster. A particular image that struck me was that of someone kneeling over the terrorist as he was dying, tending his wounds. Surely an iconic example of a Good Samaritan.

In Southwark Cathedral a candle has been lit in memory of all those affected by this atrocity, accompanied by a prayer for London that you might like to pray yourselves:

God of peace, God of healing,
on all caught up in the incident in Westminster
send both peace and healing.
Give to those who protect us
courage and commitment;
to those who govern us
wisdom and insight;
to those who are afraid
peace and assurance;
and to those who died
life eternal in your presence.
We ask this in the name
of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Mother Eileen

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