28th October 2021

Dear Friends

Baptism is such an optimistic moment, a new life dedicated to God, with all that the future holds. It is wonderful to see so many baptisms taking place at St Nicholas since restrictions have been lifted, it really gives one hope for the future.

It is the future that world leaders will be discussing in Glasgow next week as the COP26 Conference begins. It might be difficult for people of my age to comprehend the changes required to maintain a stable word temperature, I’ve had almost 60 years of basically doing what I want. Younger people are less complacent, because I suspect they have so much more to lose if we get this wrong. I realise that I have a responsibility not just for myself, but for those who I baptise week by week. What will the world be like when they are 60 years old? Climate change threatens everything. What parts of the world are hospitable to life, who has money sufficient to live and who has water and food sufficient to maintain health. Mass migration on a scale not yet imagined and consequent conflict will be an inevitable result if we get this wrong.  We need vision and courage from our world leaders and we need to accept that we all need to play our part.

Don’t forget to change your clocks back on Saturday.

It would be good to see you on Sunday 7 November at 6.00pm when I will be In Conversation with Suzette, talking about her latest book.

God Bless


P.S. As the COVID infection rates are rising we would recommend the wearing of face masks in church.

Dear Friends

A few months ago I met a couple in church who had come to St Nicholas from Chelsea. They told me they had come to light a candle and pray for Frank Field who they said was terminally ill, but at that time he didn’t want this to be generally known. Some of you might have watched extracts from speeches given in the House of Lords recently regarding the Assisted Dying Bill during which a speech was read out on Lord Field’s behalf. He has now made his condition public. As many of you will know, Frank Field was brought up in Chiswick, sang in our church choir and is patron of our Development Fund. We hold him in our prayers as he lives with his final illness.

With every blessing
Mother Eileen

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