Dear Friends

At last the weather people tell us that there is a possibility of some warm weather arriving at the end of this week. I must say I don’t think I have ever known a colder April and May.  Since the first lockdown a few of us have been meeting either virtually, or in person, on Friday for drinks. Talk about mad dogs and Englishmen going out in the midday sun. I don’t think mad dogs would have contemplated going out on some of the Friday evenings we have braved the cold. Still, it was worth it for the ability to meet together. The garden has suffered a bit as well, everything is a couple of weeks behind, even with a greenhouse. But there are green shoots developing and alongside all the rain that we have had when the heat arrives the garden will explode into life. It’s been a long hard Winter and Spring at church, but like the garden I do detect some green shoots. It was wonderful to be at the Friends AGM last Sunday evening. Such a delight to be with people again and we even managed a socially distanced glass of wine. All of a sudden we got a glimpse of what it was like pre-COVID and the possibility of a new future. For those of you who are around at weekends, please remember our Family Mass on the first Sunday of the month, the next mass will be on Sunday 6 June at 10.30am. Also in June we have our first Sunday afternoon concert and tea, it’s on Sunday 27 June and details are in this e-bulletin. Finally a date for your diary.  I want to make Sunday the 5th September at 10.30am a ‘Back to Church’ Sunday. I’m having some invitations and posters printed, which I will hand out to you all. The idea is to use the invitation card to invite anybody you know to church on that Sunday morning. I hope we will be able to use Sunday 5th September as a relaunch Sunday as we look to the future and we look forward to our renewed life together as a parish community.

God Bless


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