26th October 2017

Dear Friends

Driving down the coast road last week on my way to Bamburgh I was struck by the beauty of the Northumbrian landscape. The stone of the original buildings seemed to blend perfectly with colour of the Autumnal leaves, it was all quite emotional. I do find myself close to tears sometimes at the beauty of the landscape, especially in Northumberland and also in Shropshire. A day later I was listening to Radio 3 – the presenter was about to introduce a bit of Rachmaninoff, a bit I had never heard before. It was what she said by way of introduction which interested me, she described Rachmaninoff’s music as romantic and for some just a bit blousey, not to everybody’s taste. I love his work especially his piano concertos – yes it is very romantic, I’m frequently moved to tears when listing to his work. and yes, I do love a good old weepy on Thompson Classic Movies – not that I get to watch TV that much any more. So this is a defence of good old romanticism, in our hard and uncompromising world today we need a few more romantics, after all what’s more romantic than a child in a stable?


Dear Friends

I hope those of you who have young children or grandchildren are enjoying half-term week and perhaps taking the opportunity to explore London or go away for a few days’ break. And hopefully those who work in schools are enjoying a few days’ rest!
On Saturday of this week we celebrate the feast day of the apostles Simon and Jude. We pray for all churches dedicated to them, especially our sister church of St Simon and St Jude in Namacunde.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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