fr_simonDear All

A huge thank you to everybody who made Sunday such a special day. Particular thanks to Hayley, Hilary and the children. Although this week is half term I think it was right to launch our Development Campaign on such an important Sunday. Pentecost celebrates the possibility and power of God, it is the call to trust our creator, redeemer and friend. Incidentally, do look at our redesigned website, it’s excellent, a huge thank you to Andy Jones and to everybody who made this possible.

I was walking around Much Wenlock on Saturday afternoon principally to buy Andy Rooney’s ordination gift. Would you believe it, an ecclesiastical tailor and vestment maker in a sleepy Shropshire town.  It was also an opportunity to visit Wenlock Priory, a ruined 12 Century monastery, dissolved in 1540 and part of English Heritage’s portfolio. It’s a beautiful place to visit, I would encourage you to pop along. I couldn’t help reflecting on our current horror at IS’s religious iconoclasm in Syria and Iraq as I walked among the results of our own Sixteenth Century version. Will we ever learn?

As I was walking among these beautiful ruins I began thinking about the recent problems among a certain section of the cake baking population in N Ireland. I can understand their disappointment at losing their recent equality court case, nobody likes to be forced to do something they find personally distasteful, but for the local politicians to demand a conscience clause, I’m not sure. I mean, if we allow conscience clauses to invade our legislation what next? No cakes for second marriages? After all the bible has a bit more to say on this subject, than you know what!  Also, what about mixed-fibre shirts? The Old Testament has much to say about that particular transgression, as well and some quite severe and inventive punishments by way of sentence, poly-cotton wearers beware, no cakes for you!

In the interests of equality I say ‘let them eat cake’,  oh dear, I think that got somebody in trouble as well.

Happy half term


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