23rd February 2016

IMG_0968Dear Friends,

Those of us who were privileged to be in church on Sunday evening for Conversational Evensong with Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP witnessed a moving and powerful evening. I was deeply struck by his humour, his humility and his deep deep faith, which came across in virtually every sentence he uttered. His homily was a masterpiece in how to use narrative and was a masterclass in content and delivery for this preacher. He didn’t shy away from difficult questions or resort to cliché or platitudes. He has a rare gift for a religious figure of being super intelligent and deeply theological yet human and accessible.

I want to close by sharing with you a remarkable video – you might have seen it on the news, which shows a remarkable lady, Virginia McLaurin, who is aged unbelievably 106, meeting President and Mrs Obama at the White House. If you have ever wanted to know what real joy looks like, have a look at the video of their meeting by clicking HEREWith every blessing,

Fr Andrew

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