22nd November 2017

Dear Friends

Just a quick update on the knitting saga, new needles and wool purchased so all is well. The assistant in the craft shop told me this new wool would knit quickly and it does, here’s the proof below ! Only one stitch dropped and I’m now about to start my second ball of wool, so a new skill to be mastered. Looks like this scarf will arrive in time for Christmas
2017 after all.

Many of you commented on our last ‘In Conversation’ of 2017. Bishop Stephen was warm, approachable and honest , so much so he even came out as a Secondary Modern boy, now sitting in the House of Lords, quite a journey. I think it’s probably too much to expect him to be appointed as our new Bishop for London. His zeal for the faith and his real humanity would be such an asset. We can but hope and pray.

Please remember that it is our Confirmation and First Communion service on Sunday. There are three people being confirmed – Stephanie, Francesca and Ruth, and Zachary and Alexander will be receiving Holy Communion for the first time. Please do all you can to attend, it would be good to see the family of St Nicholas gathering to support these people as they take their next step in faith. Please pray for Bishop Edward Holland who will be presiding on Sunday.


Dear Friends

We are looking forward to welcoming Bishop Edward Holland, formerly Bishop of Colchester but now retired to London, to our 10.30 Eucharist this Sunday.  Bishop Edward is coming to celebrate the Confirmation of three adults, and admit twin boys – Alexander and Zachary – to Holy Communion. I have been spending time with these two lads to prepare them for Sunday and have been very impressed by their knowledge and diligence. I do hope that as many people as possible will come and support all these candidates on Sunday.

Do you ever wonder how to find out more about what is going on locally in Chiswick? If so, I can recommend the Chiswick Calendar whose website is www.thechiswickcalendar.co.uk  It sends weekly email bulletins of events, and offers a free Club Card which gives good discounts on local restaurants and activities. There are also leaflets giving details available at the back of church.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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