Dear Friends

I hope you are managing to enjoy this amazing weather – it’s almost too hot. The school summer holidays are upon us, I do hope you will all manage to find some rest and relaxation over the next six weeks, goodness knows we all deserve it. However, with infection rates rising, I do hope you will be extra careful. We will this Sunday be singing hymns once again for the first time since last March 2020, it seems incomprehensible, but there we are. Because of the situation, we will still be advising people who visit church to wear masks and to keep a reasonable social distance. Hand sanitizer will still be available and the Government has advised us to maintain our register of attendance for Test and Trace purposes. We will continue to administer Communion in one kind and at your pew. But we can sing again! 

Talking about singing…on Sunday 5 September – our Back to Church Sunday – we will be holding at 6.00pm a Songs of Praise Service.  Please send me details of your favourite hymns, with either an explanation why this hymn is so important to you, or, if you are willing be prepared to tell me in person on Sunday evening why your particular hymn is so important, I will choose 5 hymns to sing plus a reading and a poem, so if you would rather tell me about a favourite bible passage, or poem please do so.

There are also plenty of Back to Church invitation cards to send out. If you know of somebody who would like to receive an invitation to come to church that Sunday, email the office, or pick up an invitation card yourself and send it to those who you know. It has been proven that personal invitation is the most effective means of bringing people back to church, so this is something we can all do together, to support St Nicholas.

God Bless


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