Dear Friends

What strange times we live in. Although the events we are living through are unprecedented and extraordinary,
I’ve been amazed how resourceful and imaginative our response has been.  Will we ever be the same again? I certainly hope not. There has been an explosion of on-line activity, but there seems to me to have been
an explosion in face to face contact. It’s really heartening
to see so many neighbours in their front gardens on Thursday evening, not only clapping in thanks  but also engaging in conversation with each other over the garden wall. So many extraordinary acts of kindness. 

I know it’s not perfect, but I hope our electronic communication with you is
proving to be useful. In addition to our Sunday morning mass, and my
rather haphazard chats at 12 noon we will from this Sunday be streaming 
Compline (Night Prayer) live, at 7.30 pm. We hope you will join us. 

Although it is impossible to meet together physically, please remember 
that you are all very much in my thoughts and prayers. If you need
anything please  let me know, call me at home 020 8995 4717.

With my prayers blessings and love.


Dear Friends

I hope that you have been able to settle into
some new routines in these strange and difficult times.
The clergy have certainly been challenged by having to develop new ways of communicating and leading worship – I have just been re-configuring our dining room into a suitable place for saying Mass!

At Morning Prayer every day the clergy are praying for our parish and congregation of St Nick’s and hoping that people are managing to keep safe and well. At the start of this new school term we pray for all those families who are struggling to care for their children, and especially for those children identified as being at risk but who are not attending schools which are being kept open for them. We pray too for all those who are relying on foodbanks to feed themselves. A few weeks ago I flagged up the website of our local foodbank and suggested you might like to contribute to them
financially while you are unable to leave donations in church.  Perhaps I can offer you this link again :

I hope that those of you with young children have been able to manage your ‘staycation’ over the Easter holidays and get out to enjoy the sunshine, even though the adventure playgrounds have all been closed. Many of us who are grandparents are missing seeing our grandchildren (and their parents are missing our child-minding services!) Nevertheless at least many of us are able to see them ‘on screen’. I attach a photo of two of ours, all dressed up and sat waiting for their online church service!

With every blessing

Mother Eileen   

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