21st September 2016

07f5dd41ecb59c1ca8a0ff7e464b727bDear Friends

A group of us met at Margo Jales’ house last week to discuss our pastoral ministry at St Nick’s. There were two main topics: the Pastoral Visitors’ Group and the Lunch Group.

Ann Frye offered to take on the role of leading the Pastoral Group, which she will do in close collaboration with the clergy. Please let Ann or a member of clergy know of anyone who would like a visit from a member of our team. As part of the Group’s activities, our Licensed Reader, Martin Daly, will continue to oversee organisation of lifts to Church, Home Communion visits, and visits to families who have requested Holy Baptism for their children.

The Lunch Group will be starting again, running on the second Wednesday of every month. The first meeting will be on Wednesday 12th October in St Denys’ Hall. Anne McBride will be organising this Group. If anyone reading this email is not already on the list of helpers, but would like to join in, please contact Anne. We are planning to expand the scope of these lunches, inviting anyone from our parish and not just those who attend our church.

We give thanks to God for all those people who already undertake a pastoral ministry within our parish and pray that new volunteers will wish to join us.

With every blessing


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