20th February 2020

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Dear Friends

Some of you may have realised that our scripture readings at mass on Sundays have got a bit longer, this is because we have changed the source of our readings from the old 3 year lectionary designed by the Roman Catholic Church in the 1970s and which St Nicks has been using for about as long, to the Church of England’s 3 year lectionary which was introduced in the early noughties. There is on the whole very little difference in bible passages chosen, but in our new lectionary the readings are a little longer. Last Sunday we were a bit thin on the ground, but for those who did attend church our first reading was the first creation myth from Genesis chapter 1, read brilliantly by Anne McBride. Although the reading is long – very long, there is a wonderful refrain which underpins the whole story “And God saw that it was good”. God creates in love and what he creates is good – we are good. It’s important to remember this fact, we might disappoint God, we might mar his image by our actions and behaviour, but there is forgiveness to be found in the heart of God. In short there is the possibility of turning over a new leaf. As we approach Lent perhaps we might reflect on this fact, that.
‘The loving plan of your wisdom took flesh in Jesus Christ, and changed our human history by Jesus’ command of perfect love’.

May we reflect this love, in our words and actions this Lent and throughout our lives.


Lent begins next week on Ash Wednesday 26 February. There will be two services at 9.30am  which is a said mass with the imposition of ashes and a sung service at 8pm.

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