20th December 2018

Dear Friends

This e-bulletin will be our last for 2018 so can I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I do hope I will be able to see you over the festive period, the list of services is on this bulletin.

2018 has been again a busy year. We have had our fair share of goodbyes this year, new jobs, new lives lived elsewhere have necessitated many families moving away from Chiswick. We do seem to be making a significant contribution to the staffing of our diplomatic service around the world, I hope the Foreign Secretary appreciates our contribution. It’s good to know St Nicholas is well represented around the globe. It’s not all been good bye, we have said welcome and welcome back to many other church members.

We have much to be thankful for. We have made our final contribution to the Namacunde church building project. How many church communities can say that they have built a church in Africa, or anywhere for that matter.

We have continued our significant financial contribution to the Crosslight project. Michele and her team of volunteers are seeing more clients than ever, this is all possible because of your generosity.

Our planned giving campaign, championed by Mother Eileen, Susan Welsh and many others has been a great success. Thank you again for your generosity, your contributions literally keep the doors of our church open. Without your regular financial commitment there would be no St Nicholas. If you are still thinking of increasing you contribution, please speak to a member of the clergy, it’s never too late.

A huge thank you to Mother Eileen and Father Alan for all their hard work and commitment. To Hayley in the office, to our wardens Chris and Susan and our treasurer Clive. In fact thank you to everybody who has given so freely of their time and talents, that’s also a significant aspect of our planned giving.

We continue to ask God’s blessing on our work and our mission. I pray God’s blessing on you and your families this Holy Christmas Time.

With my commitment, love and prayers.


Dear Friends

Last month a group of us from St Nicks were on pilgrimage in the Holy Land and visited Bethlehem, where we celebrated Mass in the Shepherds’ Fields. It was difficult for us to hear the message of the angels when there was so much killing, both worldwide and closer to hand between the people of Gaza and the State of Israel. When the angels sang at the birth of Jesus they were rejoicing but they were also affirming what Christ came to do – bring peace to all who were alienated from God and one another. In some ways their song also issues us with a challenge to live lives of goodwill to all whom we encounter. We all need peace and quiet and I hope you can find some rest and refreshment during the coming days.

As a traditional blessing puts it:

Go forth into the world in peace; be of good courage; hold fast that which is good; render to nobody evil for evil; strengthen the faint-hearted; support the weak; help the afflicted; honour all people; love and serve the Lord, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit.

And God bless you all over this Christmas season.

Mother Eileen

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