Dear Friends

We have come to the end of yet another academic year and the start of the holiday period. I’m always amazed how the school holidays affects the amount of traffic on the Hogarth Roundabout, I’m not complaining, the reduction in volume adds to the sleepy feeling which I so enjoy this time of the year. August also affords me some time to think about the following year beginning in September 2019 through to August 2020. I am quite keen to try and establish a parish diary with as many dates as possible. Please email the office any dates you have in your event diary, church related, Friends related or indeed Chiswick related. It all adds up.

Because it is the holiday period there will not be a weekly E-Bulletin, our next bulletin will be published around the 13 August.

If you are going on holiday or indeed are reading this by the pool, have a wonderful time away.


Dear Friends

Although many of you will be heading off on holiday soon, perhaps I can
flag up events in September for which you might want to book before you go.

The 11th Chiswick Book Festival runs from Tuesday 10th to Wednesday 18th
September. The Festival is a non-profit-making community event run by St
Michael and All Angels, Bedford Park and raises money for three local charities. (It has raised over £80,000 to date!) There are lots of events happening every day, with a host of well known names, and you can find details at I will also leave some brochures at the back of our church. There are two events being held within our parish: A Quiz Night at Fuller’s and a talk by AN Wilson on Prince Albert in the Burlington Pavilion at Chiswick House. From experience I can tell
you that the latter event will get fully booked very quickly! They are also working closely with the Cookbook Festival team, for those who are interested in food and drink! Do look at the extensive programme of events
and discover what might appeal to you.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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