18th January 2017

Dear All

It was so good to see so many friends and neighbours at our evening worship on Sunday. I’m glad George was able to join us and share something of his life and work. There are two words I took away with me from Sunday’s conversation, they are decency and honour, in our relationships and in our thinking. What an important message for us all to hear, especially those responsible for our public life and discourse.

We pray this week for the people and land of the United States of America. We pray for their president elect, soon to be inaugurated as president. We pray that he will be a decent and honourable president in his relationships and conversations, nationally and internationally. We pray for his administration and advisers, we pray for Congress and for the Senate.

We can only pray.

On a happier note, Pamela Myers who we prayed for on Sunday is well and at home resting after her fall, there is nothing broken, just some rather large bruises. We wish Pamela a speedy recovery.


Dear Friends
In true St Nick’s style, there was a very generous response from our congregation and local community to our request for clothing and other items to be sent to refugees. Many thanks to everyone who gave donations, and also to Hilary Lines and her team of volunteers who sorted and packed these things. They go with our prayers for all refugees who are struggling at this time, particularly during bitterly cold weather.

With every blessing


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