Dear Friends

Our flower and music festival is rapidly approaching. It’s going to be an amazing weekend of music and flowers. I do hope you have the dates in your diary 18-20 May. I hope to have some flyers and posters available on Sunday and it would be brilliant if you could pick some up and deliver them around the parish. If you use social media, Facebook Twitter, etc.  can you get the message out there or re-tweet any information on the parish Twitter page. We are after getting as much information out to people as possible. Talk to Hayley in the office if you need any information, or clarification. Don’t forget Songs of Praise at 6pm on Sunday 20 May which will end our festival. If you have a favourite hymn you would like to sing please email me or fill a form in at the back of church. Give me the hymn title and why it’s so important to you. We will sing about 8 hymns.

Every blessing


Dear Friends

Some of you might have seen on TV, or read in the newspapers, the very powerful and moving speech in the House of Commons by Luciana Berger, MP for Liverpool Wavertree, regarding anti-Semitism. She quoted some words from the former Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, which are so pertinent for us today with regard to a number of areas of difference within our society:
“An assault upon Jews is an assault upon difference. A world that has no room for difference has no room for humanity itself.”
Useful words for us all to reflect on.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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