17th January 2018

Dear Friends

It’s a beautiful day and I’m stuck in the Vicarage with a rotten cold. Ah well, I can usefully spend my time catching up on some emails. I always find enforced inactivity difficult, doing nothing when I’ve decided to do nothing is fine, a welcome break, but enforced inactivity when you are not feeling well is another matter entirely. It must be the Protestant ethic in me, I must be active otherwise I feel guilty. I’ve often wondered how people who have given their lives over to prayer cope. Sure, it’s an activity, but it’s not doing, it’s more being. The reality of course is that this kind of activity is very important and it is achieving all sorts, not least presenting people, events, even the Church to God. So instead of wondering what to do on a day of enforced inactivity, why not give it over to prayer?


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