16th October 2019

Dear All,

After this Sunday’s main service we will be starting our sessions preparing children to receive communion for the first time on the first Sunday in Advent, 1st December. There are a lot of different teaching materials out there, but when I took a look at them last year I couldn’t find anything I thought would work for us, so I had to improvise. This year we will be using the same approach, which looks at important basic points about the Christian faith using video clips from Kung Fu Panda. The film is a great example of how theology is not something in dusty books in an obscure library – it’s about how we see the Holy Spirit at work in all the things around us. We don’t live Christian lives by running away from daily reality. God made the world and saw that it was good, and he wants us to take delight in his creation. We can find God in every situation in our lives, even the most mundane, or tragic, or humorous. Our growth as Christians comes from making the connections between what we do and hear and say in church and how we think and act the rest of the time.

Please pray for our children’s church and for our first communion candidates. May they taste and see that the Lord is good.

Fr Alan

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