Dear All

‘Oh what a night’

Was popular the last time I got up on the  dance floor with any enthusiasm, well, that’s all changed. What a a fabulous Summer Sizzler.
I can’t begin to tell you what prayers were offered for the right weather, evidently God was pleased to hear our entreaty.Everything went perfectly and we did have a ball.

Huge thanks are due to Fr Andrew and Suzette. To Frank who has taken such marvelous pictures ( if you want to see them go to
To all of you who donated prizes for the auction or tree and to all of you who sold tickets.

The sizzler has got our campaign off to a great start. There is a long way to go, but with this level of enthusiasm I don’t think it will be too long before we can begin work inside church.
Watch this space, there are more events coming and don’t forget our Young Artists exhibition in the parish hall this Friday and Saturday.

Fr Simon

Dear Friends,

Sunday will be a day of mixed emotions. Sadness at seeing Andy and Michelle and Thomas and Kate move on and away as Andy starts a new chapter of his life as a deacon after his ordination at St Paul’s Cathedral at Holy Innocents, Paddenswick Rd, Hammersmith. But also happiness and great joy at seeing him respond to God’s call and preparing to preach the gospel afresh in a new corner of God’s world. And I suspect – hope – that it will be more a case of “Adieu” than “Au Revoir” as our paths will undoubtably continue to cross; not least with Michelle’s work on our Crosslight Debt Relief project.

Fr Simon preached on Sunday about the church being ever-changing. He is right of course, and the church has to keep changing and adapting to be relevant and engaging to each generation. Our Development Appeal is about making St Nick’s fit for the twenty-first century with a firm eye on the future. Bishop Paul when he was with us here in Kensington was always talking about “Keep on the Move!”. On Maundy Thursday this year at the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral, the Bishop of London boomed out to the congregation in his sermon “Beloved, none of us are called to the ministry of maintenance!”. The message is clear: we must always be on the move, trying new things: even risky things that might fail spectacularly, being outward-looking and spirit-filled and praying that Christ will show us the paths to follow.

With every blessing,

Fr Andrew

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