14th November 2019

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Dear Friends

It’s that time of the year again when the church seems especially active. So here are a few pleas and notices for you.

We are desperately in need of new servers, if anybody would like to serve – young or old, please see me. I will provide full training for you. It’s a wonderful way to praise God in his sanctuary and be such a support to the whole Church community. 

Advent is almost upon us, it’s just over two weeks away. We will be holding our annual Advent Carol service on Sunday 1 December at 6pm. This is a quiet and reflective service, it’s a great preparation for the Christmas rush which lies before us. It, hopefully, puts the whole of December into perspective. If anybody would like to read at this service – either a poem or a piece of prose, please get in contact.

Don’t forget Children’s Church annual Nativity which is at 10.30am on Sunday 15 December.
After the service there will be a ‘Pop up’ Christmas Fair. We need cakes, bread, homemade goods, in fact anything we can sell. Please talk to Janet Lucy and look at the notice at the back of church. 

Fr Simon

Dear Friends

We had a marvellous Community Lunch this week, with the theme of Remembrance. It was well attended and we were treated to a delicious meal of roast lamb with rosemary (for remembrance, of course!)  Our thanks go to Anne McBride and her dedicated team of helpers.

Our next gathering will be our Christmas lunch on Wednesday 11th December.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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