Dear Friends

I do hope all is well with you? Life at the Vicarage continues to follow what now feels like an increasingly regular pattern. I’m finding it difficult to remember what life was like before
lock-down. Perhaps this is how we are now meant to define time; before lock-down (BL) and after lock-down (AL). 

We all know this situation cannot go on for ever and that we need to prepare for the time when social distancing is relaxed and we will be able to do more of the activities we have recently been denied. This obviously applies to St Nicholas – we need to consider how we re-open, what services we offer and when, how we continue to be a presence in the homes of people who cannot, or who feel unable to join us physically. It’s clear to me that we cannot just go back to how it was before, so this is an opportunity for some creative thinking. How do we improve our on-line presence? Do we continue with the pattern of services we have traditionally offered? It is an exciting time, it is a challenging time, thankfully God accompanies us on our journey. 

We are in the middle of Christian Aid Week 10-16 May. Obviously this year we cannot make any physical donations, but you can if you wish, make a donation on-line. Please do visit their website, it contains some amazing stories of hope and help. As they say “Love never fails. Coronavirus impacts all of us. But love unites us all”

Stay safe.

God Bless


Dear Friends

Some of you will be aware that we are coming to the end of Christian Aid week (May 10-16). Last year we at St Nick’s raised £665 as our contribution to their work, and £8 million was raised in all. This year their need is even greater, as the world’s poorest grapple with the battle against Covid-19. We see little news of their work in the media, which at the moment is focused mainly on issues in the West. Nevertheless the people served by Christian Aid need our support even more than ever. In the past few weeks I have found my email inbox full of requests for financial contributions to so many very worthy causes and I find it very difficult to discern where my own priorities lie in terms of giving. However, I do urge you to consider supporting Christian Aid again this year. Details can be found via the link below.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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