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Dear Friends

Yesterday we received a communication from Lambeth Palace via the Bishop of London. The Archbishop has decided that for the foreseeable time the Church should offer communion in one kind only and so from today this is what St Nicholas will do. It goes without saying that we continue to be vigilant in our personal hygiene, hand washing is a vital weapon in our armoury to prevent the transmission of this virus. The Archbishop has also asked that we refrain from physical contact, so we will continue with our present arrangements.

Please pray for all those involved in this present situation for all health care professionals and those involved in promoting public health.

Some dates for your diary :-

The children will be leading our Mothering Sunday All-Age service on Sunday 22 March at 10.30am.

On Sunday 7 June we will be ‘beating the bounds’ – in other words walking round the boundary of our parish. It’s going to be an afternoon for all the family. We will be hosting a picnic in Chiswick House grounds and hope to have games and activities for everybody. There will also be a treasure trail as we walk around our parish. Please keep the date free in your diary, it should be a fun day.


Dear Friends

Fr Simon and I attended the Kensington Clergy Quiet Day yesterday. We had three excellent talks on the three temptations of
Christ, given by the priest/poet Malcolm Guite. Each one was summarised by one of his sonnets. The second temptation, ‘All the kingdoms of the world’, is quoted below. He wrote it some ten years ago, and is even more appropriate for today I think.

‘So here’s the deal and this is what you get:
The penthouse suite with world-commanding views,
The banker’s bonus and the private jet
Control and ownership of all the news
An ‘in’ to that exclusive one percent,
Who know the score, who really run the show
With interest on every penny lent
And sweeteners for cronies in the know.
A straight arrangement between me and you
No hell below or heaven high above
You just admit it, and give me my due
And wake up from this foolish dream of love…’
But Jesus laughed, ‘You are not what you seem.
Love is the waking life, you are the dream.’

With every blessing
Mother Eileen

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