11th October 2018

Dear Friends

A few weeks ago Fr Simon and I mentioned in this bulletin that we are considering joining with other local parishes for a week of guided prayer in Lent next year. We sought your comments and questions.  To date there has been some interest, but I suspect other people would like to know more but perhaps have not yet found a convenient time to discuss this. Do have a word with us if this is so. Lent might seem a very long time ahead, but if we proceed with this suggestion we will need to undertake some forward planning, not least in identifying appropriate spiritual directors to work with us. I was reminded of this when I received my daily email from Jean Vanier, founder of l’Arche communities and author of many spiritual books. He writes as follows:

The more we become people of action and responsibility in our community, the more we must become people of contemplation. If we do not nurture our deep emotional life in prayer hidden in God, if we do not spend time in silence, and if we do not know how to take time to live from the presence and gentleness of our brothers and sisters, we risk becoming embittered.

It is good that our church community is involved in a range of activities but we do also need time for silence and prayer.

With every blessing

Mother Eileen

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